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Snake Game is one of the oldest and most cherished games to date. It is highly thrilling and engaging. It requires one to be careful, very keen and fast. This game is very simple to play. It however comes with difficult adjustments. In the play board, you have connected dots, squires or objects that moves the snake style. Since the speed is set, all you do is control its direction. On the way, the snake will find food. When it swallows the food, it elongates. Immediately the food is swallowed, another appears from a different position.

You simply adjust the direction the snake is moving so as to collect the new food. The goal of the Snake Game is to make the snake grow longest possible. However, there are limitations to your goal. The snake should not run out of the playing board. The head should not touch any other part of its body. The snake also must not touch any other obstacle. After eating a certain number of foods, the level changes. There are many levels that come with different difficulties and obstacles. Snake Game is still top. Try it today.

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